Modern Poker Theory: Building an unbeatable strategy based on GTO principles

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Modern Poker Theory: Building an unbeatable strategy based on GTO principles

Modern Poker Theory: Building an unbeatable strategy based on GTO principles

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There are 13 hearts in the deck, and since we hold the Q♥J♥ and the 8♥7♥ are on the flop, the remaining hearts in the deck are: A♥, K♥, T♥, 9♥, 6♥, 5♥, 4♥, 3♥, 2♥ for a total of 9 outs. We were just beginning to learn PioSOLVER back then and Michael was a big help in structuring our findings and optimizing our studying. Even so, I have good results and managed to rank as high as 117th worldwide on the PocketFives sliding leaderboard. However, with so much new software available and so many new theories about play, it's difficult to make sense of it all.

By splitting his range in this way, Villain also makes his opponent’s post-flop hand reading a lot easier. Back then, players often formed social groups where they would exchange ideas and build on each other’s insight. If you know a player significantly overfolds to flop c-bets, for example, betting is going to be much better than checking even if a GTO solution would take both actions half of the time.If you play in an environment where most players are simply terrible and play for a lot of money (such as in the golden age of online poker right after the Moneymaker Effect and before Black Friday) you can play quite poorly and still make a lot of money, as long as your opponents play worse than you. I love the game of poker and, after finishing writing this book, all I want to do is hit the tables with everything I’ve got. Also, if you know what the unexploitable frequencies are, it is much easier to identify when others are playing in a way that is open to exploitation. We also use them to help detect unauthorized access or activity that violate our terms of service, as well as to analyze site traffic and performance for our own site improvement efforts. Apologies if I am explaining something that you already know here, but I don't quite understand your comments on how the solver works.

Most, if not all, of the ranges that Michael includes in these books are GTO ranges that agree with my own GTO solutions. But the upper part of the CO's range, since it's uncapped, should be stronger, and when you throw in multi-round Game Theory, I question this conclusion, and I think this idea, whether I'm correct or the author Michael Acevedo is correct, is worthy of discussion. Hand Ranges as Combinations Thinking about hand ranges in terms of combos is much more difficult than “putting your opponent on a single hand” and requires a lot of practice to become proficient at it, but making this switch is something all players must do if they want to progress in their poker careers. Hundreds of interactive quizzes, 60 training courses, and 200 video based classes created by Jonathan Little and elite poker coaches.Speculative Hand: A hand that is unlikely to be best at the moment but can improve to a powerful holding later. Mason has given very positive reviews to books published by competitors, so this hasn't proven to be an issue.

Brandon Adams, Professional Poker Player, Harvard Lecturer, and Author of Personal Organization for Degenerates --This text refers to the paperback edition. Slow Play or Trap: To play a premium holding in a passive manner, hoping to induce a valuebet from an inferior hand or a bluff. KQ, KT: There are 16 combinations of each, but we already accounted for K♥Q♥ and K♥T♥, for a total of 30 combinations. All of these various lines of attack are so much easier to pull off when you have position, because you get to see what they do first every single time. Eventually, they get to the point where they don’t try to put their opponents on a single hand, but instead assign them a range of possible holdings and work to narrow that range down based on each of their opponent’s actions throughout the hand (also known as hand reading).So the number of hands is about the same (and the hands that the button would 3-bet with are not included). As you will no doubt know, Michael made a name for himself by writing the classic book, Modern Poker Theory. I currently own 15 poker books on Texas Holdem, all from The Little Green Book, The Poker Blueprint, and books like "Moorman's Book Of Poker".

Many famous “top players” who failed to adapt and improve over the last few years have seen the game pass them by, forcing them to quit or move down because they can no longer beat the games. What really stood out was the incredible degree of attention to detail, and I was astounded by the amount of work it must have taken him. All the best players in the world think about situations in terms of ranges and combos, not individual hands. GTO is not a strategy that makes the most money in every situation unless you are playing against players that know your strategy inside out. In other words, if you play a true GTO strategy there’s no possible way for your opponents to get an edge on you.However, applying this approach against every opponent will probably be a bad idea because not all opponents have the same tendencies. I know or know of pretty much everyone in the high stakes MTT community, with perhaps a few exceptions. This is a backwards approach to learning the game, because no matter how good you are at poker, you are never going to turn a big profit against these players. The authors cuts back on the charts but this is replaced by graphs which does get excessive in parts. I used to tell everyone that I was a professional poker player, but it was until the moment I wrote these very words that I realized that’s not what I’ve actually been doing.

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