George Adamski: The Untold Story

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George Adamski: The Untold Story

George Adamski: The Untold Story

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much of what our brother has been saying to you is in conflict with many things your people have been taught to believe as truth. He was one of five siblings born to ethnic Polish parents, Józef Adamski (1867–1937) and Franciszka Adamska (1862–1946). George Adamski (17 April 1891 – 23 April 1965) was a Polish- American author who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he displayed numerous photographs in the 1940s and 1950s that he said were of alien spacecraft, claimed to have met with friendly Nordic alien Space Brothers, and claimed to have taken flights with them to the Moon and other planets.

Clarke referred to ufologists as suffering from Adamski's disease in his novel 3001: The Final Odyssey. He does a good job documenting some UFO history then gets into ramblings about historic Hindu records that are a bit hard to follow. Ruppelt, then head of Project Blue Book, who dropped by, incognito, in 1953 to find Adamski holding court and hawking copies of his UFO pix. At the same time, the newspapers were full of stories about the new US bomber planes, which were also triangular.At the space people's direction, Van Tassel established the College of Universal Wisdom and solicited donations for the construction of the "Integratron," a rejuvenation machine. Perhaps faith is of paramount importance; not blind faith, but that knowing faith which comes only from within and cannot be swerved from what it knows to be true. The cooperation of the multi-planetary crew operating Adamski's space ships is no doubt meant to provide an example encouraging international cooperation among earthlings, but it also adumbrates the multicultural crew on the TV series Star Trek.

Where are Cayce's detailed anatomical diagnoses coming from, in his self-hypnosis "Readings" while he's "Asleep", and especially his historical Life Readings about life on the planets and reincarnation, etc. Adamski appears briefly in issue 4 of The Bulletproof Coffin - Disinterred by David Hine and Shaky Kane. Originally set up after a request from Winston Churchill, the Ministry of Defence’s UFO Desk ran for over 60 years, collecting mysterious sightings and records of strange objects in the sky from observant – and sometimes imaginative – members of the public. The master, who was said to be nearly 1,000 years old, shared the secrets of the universe with Adamski, only some of which he was allowed to divulge back on earth.

During the conversation, Orthon purportedly warned of the dangers of nuclear war, and Adamski later wrote that "the presence of this inhabitant of Venus was like the warm embrace of great love and understanding wisdom. There is overwhelming evidence that your planet has not borne life as a kind of freak accident, as even some of your greatest astronomers have stated [probably referencing Lowell]. Adamski further claimed that aliens were peacefully living on Earth, and that he had met with them in bars and restaurants in Southern California. In his writings, Adamski claimed he travelled to Venus, Mars, and other planets in Earth's solar system, and clearly stated that they were all capable of supporting humanoid life. A few months later he rushed into print the first modern contactee book, the misleadingly titled I Rode a Flying Saucer!

Adamski authored three books describing his meetings with Nordic aliens and his travels with them aboard their spaceships: Flying Saucers Have Landed (co-written with Desmond Leslie) in 1953, Inside the Space Ships in 1955, and Flying Saucers Farewell in 1961. He denied having stated that the FBI or USAF intelligence supported his claims (even though his remarks were reported in a local newspaper, the Riverside Enterprise), and he agreed to sign a letter stating that "he understood the implications of making false claims" and that the FBI "did not endorse [the claims] of individuals. He evidently thought that the US flying saucer craze, which started in 1947 and continued through the 1950s, could provide him with a new outlet for his teachings. With over 6 million of the world’s best eBooks to choose from, Kobo offers you a whole world of reading.

In October 1946, he said, he spotted his first UFO—“a large black object, similar in shape to a gigantic dirigible, and apparently motionless. L. states this is done by the ancients (and probably by the saucer boys) through sheer force of will. A red glow in the clouds over Godman Field, Kentucky—a disk the size of the Pentagon, lurking, silently, above a fighter base—a construction dwarfing the Queen Mary [British ocean liner that sailed primarily on the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967: 1,019. With its historical significance and enigmatic subject matter, "UFOs / George Adamski" offers us a glimpse into humanity's fascination with unexplained phenomena. Now, however, in Inside The Space Ships, Adamski gives us 16 photo­graphs and illustrations, no longer of Scouts (flying saucers) mostly, but of the great space ships from which they are launched.

In his lectures, Adamski further claimed that "science now knows that all planets [in Earth's solar system] are inhabited" and "photos of Mars taken from the Mount Palomar observatory have proven the canals on Mars are man-made, built by an intelligence far greater than any man's on earth. Untold tens of thousands of dol­la­rs later, the Integratron languished unfinished in February 1978 when Van Tassel died from the ravages of old age. At the same time I looked round to reassure myself that we were both in full sight of my companions. Happily, the library had a shelf or two of books about unidentified flying objects and I went through all of them, picking out the more interesting ones to read. Despite evidence to the contrary (and there is enough of it to fill many volumes), there is still a widespread notion.S. Government knew that Adamski had spoken to extraterrestrials in a California desert in 1952, and that a group of highly placed government officials planned on public corroboration of Adamski's story. In his report on Adamski, Moseley wrote "I do believe most definitely that Adamski's narrative contains enough flaws to place in very serious doubt both his veracity and his sincerity. Peverell Marley, had examined his UFO photos and found a "spaceman" in them, and Marley himself declared that if Adamski's pictures were fakes, they were the best he had ever seen. Adamski published at least one more book, Flying Saucers Farewell (1961) and continued to lecture widely. However, a few months later, Adamski told an interviewer that he had been "cleared" by the FBI, and displayed the letter as proof.

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