Dragon Ball Z: Seasons 1-9 Collection BLU-RAY

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Dragon Ball Z: Seasons 1-9 Collection BLU-RAY

Dragon Ball Z: Seasons 1-9 Collection BLU-RAY

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I got the GT complete set from a few months back and it's literally just the green brick discs in a new box, complete with 2009-era Funimation branding, so I suspect this is just going to be a repackaging of existing discs.

Speaking of which, there are also subtle things like the black crush which I think more than anything is a result of the colors overall being too dark, an issue that encompasses the entirety of the video.

This Box set is perfect for Dragon Ball Z Fans who grew up watching the Original Funimation Dub that was aired back in the early 2000s with the Bruce Faulconer Soundtrack (of course the Japanese Subs are also blessed. Some of the grunts are the original lines and in episode 69's recap, the original dub lines for edited episode 54 can be heard. In Frieza's flashback to King Vegeta's failed coup, one of Frieza's grunts is revoiced by John Burgmeier in place of Chris Cason.

The picture is presented in a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio using a method known as "tilt and scan" or "tiltscanning" in place of the automatic cropping process seen on the Orange Brick transfer.Also consider the fact that they were scanned on an ancient scanner from 1996 (a Spirit Datacine) which further magnified the print limitations (the Datacines had sharpening on by default, iirc, so unless the operator knew about that and changed the settings, even before restoration work was done it’s less than ideal). While Sabat resumed playing Moori in the dub of the Namek Saga (and the Kid Buu Saga), his performance in the original dub of episode 100 was much different of how he would portray the character later on, using a high-pitched voice with a heavy Texan accent. when Frieza goes to destroy Planet Vegeta, keeping his performance in continuity with the Namek Saga.

Goku - the strongest fighter on the planet - is all that stands between humanity and villains from the darkest corners of space.

Each disk has annoying ads that Autoplay on loading, but they can be easily skipped with the menu button on my remote, so I don't care. There's no episode guide, they don't always close securely, and they have those nasty plastic disc holders that tear discs up.

Movies 3-4 contain no English credits whatsoever, and the title screen for Movie 2 was left in Japanese (despite an English one being made for the previous release). Which is funny in of itself, since FUNi only put the 53 edited (of the original 67 on the uncut side) episodes that the Ocean Studios cast did on the RTD set when it's not even the group of VA's that are so intricately synonymous with the dub version nowadays and also the ones they've mostly distanced themselves from for the most part since 2005 when the UUE redub of the Saiyan and Namek arcs (as well as the redubs of Z movies 1-3) came along. Some minor changes were made to the dialogue in addition to minor characters receiving re-dubbing (such as the News Interviewer who approaches Cell before the games begin) in addition to Ox-King and the narration. All that said, I would only recommend the Dragon Boxes to the most enthusiastic of fans, given the nature of the market around them.Great box set, all blu ray discs separated into separate blu disc cases and not flimsy cardboard type, picture quality is really great as well and best of all these discs work in the UK. For Dragon Ball Z, they feature an anamorphic widescreen (16:9) transfer from original Japanese film print, a revised English audio track, original English and Japanese audio tracks, plus many other special features. The set not only houses (relatively) new transfers of the series, it also houses them on a collectable art

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