The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

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The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

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Seeing her squeeze her bosom for emphasis, I adopted a ’laddish’ posture, stepping away from her with my hands outstretched, making ’grabbing’ and ’honking’ motions as I did my best to ogle her voluptuous figure. Colin backed away rapidly, his sense of relief clear, but his attempts to stand were again thwarted by his trousers. We were both suppressing fits of giggles, grinning conspiratorially and looking sideways at Colin, who had managed finally to regain his feet and was standing uneasily in the middle of the room, glancing nervously at us and shakily trying to haul up his boxers.

Bucking her pussy up to meet me, she pushed me downwards still further, forcing me to abandon her clit and resume lapping at her bulging lips. The stupid grin had turned slowly into a mocking sneer, and with a rush of fury, I suddenly hurled myself across the room, leaping as I closed the distance. The crotch is always on the verge of explosion in the days when you can not have sex even if you want to. I definitely deserved your going ape-shit at me, and I promise to behave myself if you’ll still let me join your fun and games.I gazed in rapt attention as Aubrey strode across the room, her tight arse swaying from side to side with each step, and the smooth flesh of her ample inner thighs rippling as she showed her powerful muscles. This only made her laugh even harder, tears streaming down her face as she continued to fondle herself in front of me. The base of that lamp, I knew, was bolted to the floor, and the shaft of the pillar was inch-thick tubular steel, so as strong as he looked, there was no getting out of those cuffs. My favorite kind of romance novel has a heroine that is a larger woman, preferably one who is a virgin or inexperienced. Come on Colin, show my Mistress what a good boy you’re going to be from now on, Let her see how much you love being allowed to suck on her massive titties, and how much you love having her boyfriend wank you.

Pulling a hand out from under Aubrey’s still-bouncing arse, I scooped the last of it up with my fingers, raising my hand blindly and feeling her slowly lick it off. She shifted slightly, leaning over Colin once again and stroking his face, turning his head towards her as she offered the nipple to him. Aubrey had approached me on my lunch-break and asked, quite innocently enough, if I would be able to work an extra few hours and lend a hand with some urgent correspondence. Mistress’ wants to see you cover her huge soft boobs with your sticky mess, but you’ve got to promise to be a good boy and clean up afterwards. Her nipples were once again as hard as bullets, and I could feel a slight dampness spreading between her legs.

Sliding my hands up over Aubrey’s shoulders, I entwined my fingers as best I could into her auburn locks, which was made slightly tricky by the fact that, as usual, she was keeping it cut relatively short.

You can watch bbw erotic drawings clip on your favorites from web, iPhone, Android, iPad and other your mobile phones.However, I decided to be bold, and giving her arse a firm squeeze, I pushed my tongue as far into her as u could, feeling Aubrey starting to grind against it like a little cock.

I don’t know Leonard," he whispered back to me, leaning forward in a conspiratorial manner, "I just get the feeling that you’re spending rather more time with Aubrey than is healthy for an assistant. My words had the desired effect, and Colin let out a long, desperate moan as his huge cock - which must have been eight inches long, but no thicker than my own - gave yet another violent lurch.

Aubrey chimed in, giving me another warm embrace and squashing her heaving breasts against my chest. After all, I was rather quick to agree to her request for extra work tonight, and while it does mean getting paid for an extra shift, you probably worry that she’s taking advantage of me. Now, staring at Colin’s thick manhood, the circumcised head and veiny shaft streaked with rivulets of pre-cum, I felt an overpowering urge to taste him.

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